Index Methodology

Q: What knowledge gap does the Index fill?

A: Other indices capture brands’ environmental efforts, their disclosure of environmental information or their corporate policies and actions. Until now, the public perception of brands’ sustainability efforts was largely unknown.

Q: Which brands are included in the Index?

A: To capture the image of the top global brands, Dalia picked the Interbrand100 list. The list provided globally recognisable logos, which could easily be assessed by respondents. This provided a benchmark to evaluate brands across 12 industries against each other. In the future, more industry-specific rankings will follow.

Q: Who rates the brands?

A: Each country has national census representative results with n = 1.000 respondents per country in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, and South Africa. The total number of respondents surveyed is 20,000+.

Surveys have been adjusted for legal drinking age in the United States, Canada, Sweden, India, Indonesia, and Italy.

Q: How was the question asked?

A: In order to assess consumer perception, the SPI uses the following question:

How environmentally sustainable do you think the following brand is?

The term ‘sustainability’ was intentionally open to respondent interpretation in order to capture spontaneous reactions or associations to a brand.

Q: How is the score calculated?

A: A minimum of n = 500 people rated one brand. Only people who knew the brand were included in the calculations of the score.

To get the most information out of people’s answers, the Index looks at both the positive and negative associations of the brands people rate by creating a ratio of positive to negative scores.


Dalia Research

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Dalia specializes in multi-country consumer tracking studies. Dalia’s automation powered platform reaches online audiences and delivers their opinions in real-time to corporate researchers via dashboard. Our products include not only the Sustainability Tracker, but also a Global Brand Tracker and a Democracy Perception Tracker.

Dalia Research is a global research company that uses technology to innovate solutions for the global research industry.

Dalia’s proprietary network delivers device agnostic surveys through one unified platform that generates over 1 billion answers from 20,000,000 respondents per month in 150 countries. Dalia has pioneered the application for multilevel regression and post-stratification (MRP), used in political forecasting, for market research. Dalia also runs global surveys such as the Democracy Perception Index, presented annually to heads of state and business leaders at the Global Democracy Summit in Copenhagen.

Dalia’s data is cited in over 2.000 media articles and conference agendas globally, including Bloomberg, The Economist, The World Economic Forum, The Guardian, Reuters, South China Morning Post, The Financial Times, Vice Magazine, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Business Insider, and Quartz.

Founded in 2013, Dalia is backed by Europe’s leading venture capital firms, and is the proud winner of several market research, technology, and data awards. In 2017, Dalia raised $7 million in Series A funding, led by Balderton Capital and existing investors, Wellington Partners and IBB-Bet, and was named the “6th Fastest Growing Startup in Germany” by Gründerszene. In 2016, Planning & Analyses named Dalia “Newcomer of the Year,” and in 2015, IIEX, the “Most Innovative Market Research Startup in Europe.”

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