Track Your Brand Sustainability Perception

Designed for global brands, tracking consumer perception in real-time and empowering decision making to drive sustainable growth.

Sustainability fuels brand equity

Consumers expect more than price and quality from a brand. They expect sustainable product choices, and companies to act responsibly towards the planet.

The world’s most valuable brands have made commitments to sustainability. But how are they performing in the eyes of consumers?


Brands not only need to do better, they also need to show they are doing better. Perception drives behaviour.

SPI was created to provide a benchmark for global brands to see how consumers around the world understand their efforts.

Unlock the full potential of mobile-first market research

Tackle the most challenging problems in consumer research with the latest techniques in market research enabled by technology:


Run modern research

In-depth profiling in our proprietary network for more relevant insights

Uncover relevant insights

Browse data, build personal audiences and monitor trends. Create KPI dashboards.

Share your findings

Compile ad-hoc reports. Create KPI dashboards.

Custom-Tailored to Your Brand and Category

Dalia’s Sustainability Tracker enables brands to track metrics around their sustainability image.

Dalia Product Production

Streamline your tracking and reporting via dashboard

Access insights from your custom sustainability tracker via online-dashboard. Analyse the results anytime and share key findings within your organisation.

What we offer


Sustainability Perception Index

Benchmark your brands against core competitors: how are you perceived considering the most important topic of the decade? By a wide range of consumer segments
  • 4 Brands Included
  • Brand Sustainability Perception
  • Deep Audience Segmentation
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard
  • +200 per add. brand
from 990 €
price per country

Sustainability Tracking - Future+

Get a deeper understanding for the trends behind the headline "Sustainability": what is driving consumers in your segment? What does it mean for your industry?
  • Specific Sustainability Metrics
  • Insights for your Industry
  • Deep Audience Segmentation
  • Includes Sustainability Perception Index
  • up to 100 markets
from 4900 €
price per country